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Immune-boosting tips while working from home

The coronavirus presents many uncertainties, and none of us can completely eliminate our risk of getting COVID-19. But one thing we can do is try to boost our immunity as much as possible! Try these immune-boosting tips.

 Get plenty of rest

Getting plenty of sleep is your best bet to boost your immunity and stay healthy.  Getting enough sleep is one of the most evidence-supported ways to stay healthy and also happens to be free! According to the Mayo Clinic, the optimal amount of sleep for most adults is seven to eight hours of good sleep each night. Teenagers need nine to 10 hours of sleep.  School-aged children may need 10 or more hours of sleep.  While you’re asleep, your body uses that time to do critical recovery and repair of essential functions, including your immune system. Sleep expert Matthew Walker claims that “We also know that a lack of sleep impacts your immune system. So after just one night of four to five hours of sleep, there is a 70% reduction in critical anticancer-fighting immune cells called natural killer cells.”

Stay hydrated

Although we often associate dehydration with hot weather, it’s equally important to maintain your hydration levels when working from home throughout the year. Hydrating yourself with warm and cold drinks can help your body to eliminate toxins and waste materials, which is important for the immune system. Try switching out your morning latte for hot water and lemon, it will keep you cosy and also help to fight off any unwanted illnesses.

Up your probiotics

The latest clinical study by Pro-Ven probiotics found that taking one ‘ShapeLine’ (£29.95, capsule everyday has a whole host of wellbeing benefits.  The outcome of the study was that there was a 40% reduction in upper respiratory tract infections (coughs and colds) and they also had more energy and better moods. They can also be taken with a Vitamin C supplement to help boost the body’s antioxidant system!

Wash your hands

Experts consistently agree that the best way to prevent the spread of any disease is to wash your hands with soap and warm water.  Some of the best practices include washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, and drying them thoroughly.

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